Friday, October 14, 2011

Film Festival Showcases Horrors of Addiction, Gift of Recovery

Recovery is getting “reel” this weekend, or real that is, as the Los Angeles-based group, Writers in Treatment, hosts the annual Reel Recovery Film Festival.
The festival aims to bring recovery out of the closet in Hollywood. This year’s films include the “The Secret World of Recovery,” the 2011 documentary that follows novelist Leslie Glass and her screenwriter daughter Lindsey as they travel the country reporting on changes in addiction treatment.
The film will also feature a film made at the 2010 AA World Convention in Austin, the 1996 film “Trainspotting,” 2004’s “Down to the Bone” and the 1956 film “On the Bowery.” Robert Downey Sr. will discuss the making of “Bowery.” The event closes with “A Musical Journey through the Steps” and a “schmooze without booze” party.
Too bad I’m stuck on the east coast, at least for now. Art is not only an outlet for the artist; it also makes addiction part of the public consciousness. Luckily, I can still check out many of the films at home or in local indie cinemas.
Learn more about the festival, and the different films here (scroll down the home page of WIT):

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